Our Packages.

    When it comes time to choose your new modular home, you also have choices for how to finish it off.

    We offer three levels of completion.

    Drop Off.
    If you have the skills and knowledge to manage your project from start to finish then our Drop Off package will appeal to you. We can take you through the design and order process and when the modules arrive, you'll have your foundation ready and we'll lower them into place.

    The rest of the project is up to you. It's a great way to "build your own home" while eliminating the delays often associated with site building.

    Weather Tight.
    For many, the process of excavating, arranging for a foundation and hook-ups for electrical and plumbing are parts of the project they'd rather leave to others.

    We'll take the project as far as you'd like us to, getting the house to the point where most of the exterior work is completed and the completion of the interior is up to you.

    Turn Key.
    "Here are your keys, enjoy your new home". Leave it all up to us and we'll have you in your home, on-time and on-budget. As simple as that.

    Use the links below to see which package is right for you.